How Do I Check My Home for Air Leaks?

June 10, 2019

You want the air in your home to stay inside your house. If it gets out, it can require more energy to control the temperature. If you’ve noticed that your utility bills are higher than last year, you might have a leak somewhere. Here are some tips on how to search for a leak in your Jacinto residence.

Know Where Leaks are Most Common

To find air leaks, you need to know where to look. Air leaks are especially common by doors and windows. They’re also commonly located by electrical outlets, HVAC units, and vents. These are the areas you want to focus on. In some cases, leaks can also be at the junction between cabinetry and the floor or between walls and floors or ceilings.

Feel for It

In many situations, you can find an air leak by simply using your hand and feeling for it. This works best with large leaks. If you can feel the air coming through, you likely have a leak. The back of your hand is more sensitive than the front to these leaks, so consider this when feeling around. Candles can help you to detect more subtle bursts of air that aren’t as obvious to your skin.

Hire a Professional

If you want to know if you have a leak without a doubt, call a professional and have him or her do an inspection for you. The technician will do a blower door test to depressurize the house and perform a thorough examination.

Get an Air Leak Tester

There’s actually a product on the market designed to help detect air leaks. Simply bring the tester around the areas where you suspect a leak. The device has an indicator to inform you if it feels warm or cold air spots.

If you do find a leak in your house, you need to call the professionals at Maxonaire HVAC Pros in Jacinto, CA, to have the problem resolved as quickly as possible to avoid having to pay excessive utility bills. We can help you to repair or replace your HVAC system, clean your ducts, or upgrade to a different system.

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