What Heating Systems Are Best For The Environment?

January 7, 2020

Traditional ways of staying warm, such as burning coal, might feel cozy, but they cause a lot of pollution, greenhouse gases and other problems. Fortunately, there are plenty of modern solutions. If you want to stay warm while also helping the environment, you have several options to choose from.

Solar Heating

This green form of heating is environmentally friendly because it uses the natural power of the sun to heat your house. There are several options to choose from. Some use solar panels to power an electric heater, while others use energy to warm liquid that moves through the house in a radiant heating system.

Heat Pumps

When Maxonaire HVAC Pros is helping San Jacinto residents with heating installations, we often suggest heat pumps for our environmentally conscious clients. Unlike most heating systems, this heater also works as an AC. It simply involves taking heat from one area and moving it to another. You can move heat to your home in the winter or move heat away from your home in the summer. This heater style saves a lot of energy.

Wood Burning Furnaces and Stoves

Thanks to new filtration technology, burning wood no longer produces excessive smoke and pollution. Wood is a sustainable product, unlike oil and coil. You can even find pellet-burning stoves that work on small pellets made from sawdust and other wood byproducts.

Geothermal Heating

Also called a geothermal pump, this eco-friendly heating system uses the natural warmth of the Earth’s core. The system involves using a pump to move heat from the ground to your home’s air, so it does not result in much pollution or energy usage.

At Maxonaire HVAC Pros in San Jacinto, we want to make sure you get the heating system right for your needs. Our reliable technicians can assess your home and help you decide on the right system to install. We also help with a variety of other repair and maintenance services for both heating and cooling systems. Get comfortable indoor air by giving us a call now.

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