What to Do When Your AC Won’t Turn On?

September 15, 2019

If you have ever come home to an overheated house, you know the panic that something must be wrong with your AC. But before letting panic set in, here are some steps to take.

1. Check Your Thermostat

Go to your thermostat and check to see if it has been inadvertently set to heat. If it is set to heat, switch it back to cooling. Look at the temperature on its display. Set the desired temperature to two degrees below the current temperature. If you do not see anything on your display, or it is showing that its battery is low, replace the batteries in your thermostat. Try to turn the AC on again.

2. Inspect Your System’s Air Filter

Look at your system’s air filter. If it is full of dust, pet hair, and other debris, your AC’s safety features may have shut your system down to prevent damage. When your system’s airflow is compromised, it can cause damage. It is a good idea to take a walk around your home and make sure that all returns and air vents are not obstructed, too. Replace or clean your filter and try to start your AC again.

3. Look at Your Breaker Box

Your thermostat may be on, but the power to your AC unit may be off. Open your circuit breaker box and look for your unit’s circuit breaker. If it is flipped to “OFF,” flip it back to the “ON” position. If your AC comes back on and stays on, it may have been a momentary blip. However, if your unit does not come on, or flips right back off do not try to turn it on again. Call for service because this could indicate a hazardous electrical issue.

4. Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

Examine your outdoor unit. Look for iced or sweating on the lines, or debris. Icing or sweating could indicate a refrigerant leak, which requires a service call. However, if your outdoor unit is clogged with leaves, grass or weeds, it could have shut itself down because of lack of airflow. Make sure to turn your unit off from your circuit breaker panel before clearing away any debris. Try to turn your AC on again.

If none of the actions above resolve your AC problem, don’t sweat it. If you live in the French Valley area, your next step is to contact Maxonaire HVAC Pros and schedule a service call. We have been providing dependable and expert heating and AC repair, maintenance, and installations as well as indoor air quality services to area residents for over 25 years.

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